The memory of our martyrs and victims our Patriotic War commemorated in Abu Dhabi

The memory of our martyrs and victims our Patriotic War commemorated with our diaspora representatives living in Abu Dhabi at the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the United Arab Emirates.

First, the memory of our martyrs, along with all of Azerbaijan, was commemorated with a minute of silence. The national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was sounded.

Then Ambassador Mahir Aliyev informed the participants about the Patriotic War. Referring to the words of Victorious Commander-in-Chief, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, he highlighted: “In just 44 days, the Armenian army was defeated, we liberated Shusha, which was considered an impregnable fortress, and then more than 70 villages from the invaders, forcing the enemy to surrender. This is an eternal lesson, let no one forget it! ”

M.Aliyev spoke about the importance of Azerbaijan's victory over Armenia for the Islamic and Arab world. It was noted that the Armenians have shown great disrespect to our occupied territories, mosques and religious monuments. Pigs were kept in our mosques. At the same time as liberating the Azerbaijani lands from occupation, we liberated the Islamic culture and Islamic monuments from the bondage.

During the event, a video and a photo exhibition about the 44-day war were shown, and a memorial corner was created for our martyrs and victims of the war.

Participants wrote their heartfelt words to guest book.


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