Statement of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the United Arab Emirates

The Armenian occupation army began the intensive bombardment of the residential areas of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani military barracks located close to the ceasefire line between the two sides with light weapons, heavy artillery, rocket launchers, , which led to a large number of casualties among the Innocent people and members of the Azerbaijani army and this was around 4:30 in the morning on the 27th From the month of September.

In response to these barbaric actions of the Armenian occupation army, the Azerbaijani army threw severe strikes on the occupation army positions and moved to a counterattack to suppress and destroy enemy fire sites. Our forces were able to liberate several Azerbaijani residential areas under the control of the occupation forces and recovered some important strategic heights in the region, with the knowledge that clashes are underway at the present time between the Azerbaijani armed forces, the Armenian occupation forces and the foreign mercenary factions that are fighting on the side of the Armenian forces and the army of separatists in the occupied territories around the Nagorno-Karabakh region, as the state of Azerbaijan is determined to continue fighting in order to regain the Azerbaijani lands and force the Armenian forces To withdraw from our territory.

As you know, Armenia carried out provocative actions in the international borders between Azerbaijan and Armenia (Tovuz border region) in July of this year, through which have gas and oil pipelines of international importance. After the ceasefire in this region, Armenia continues to carry out provocative actions along the ceasefire line between Azerbaijan and the Armenian occupation forces in the Nagorno Karabakh region and other occupied areas.

The Azerbaijani leadership has turned to the world community and international organizations to take necessary measures to force Armenia to stop its aggressive actions and withdraw its forces from the occupied Azerbaijani lands. However, the international organizations who were the mediating countries to solve the crisis between the two countries, were satisfied with only routine statements regarding the issue. Despite all this, the Armenian leadership began to claim provocative statements and to direct threats to Azerbaijan, the subject of which is the occupation of the new Azerbaijani lands and the striking of some major cities and civilian sites, including the largest power station in the Caucasus with the water reservoir, which may lead to a major disaster in the Azerbaijani lands, as well as the explosion of the water reservoir for irrigation in Occupied lands and directing its waters to Azerbaijani residential areas.

It is surprising that the "Minsk" group and other international organizations did not make any statement related to these threats, which encouraged the Armenian side to other dangerous provocative steps, such as declaring an old Azerbaijani city in the occupied lands as the new capital of the "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" that is not recognized internationally and laying the foundation for a building The parliament of this “republic” is in it in the presence of the Armenian Prime Minister and senior Armenian officials. In addition to conducting joint military maneuvers of the military forces of the Republic of Armenia and the forces of the separatist regime in the occupied Azerbaijani lands, public housing of Syrian and Lebanese citizens of Armenian origins in the occupied lands and the establishment of residential villages for them, as well as organizing public military courses in the occupied lands for Armenian women, headed by the wife of the Armenian Prime Minister and bringing in mercenaries Kurds and terrorists from some countries in the Middle East to the combat operations against Azerbaijan, and spread false rumors about the presence of Syrian Islamic mercenaries in Azerbaijan and rumors about the presence of Turkish military bases in the territory of Azerbaijan.

These false rumors are spread by a country whose territory is located a large military base for another country and its borders with neighboring countries are guarded by foreign forces.

Another strange thing is that international organizations, as well as the "Minsk" group, are calling today for the two parties to cease fire and continue peaceful negotiations. These routine calls continue for thirty years, and the Armenian side openly ignores all the decisions taken by international organizations, and the occupation of Azerbaijani lands continues and the occupation of Armenians from other countries continues in the occupied territories in violation of all international laws that consider this type of actions a war crime.

What surprises us is that there are visible and invisible, as well as electronic, media of some member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation that publish and broadcast comments in support of the aggressor. Their media provides a great opportunity for Armenian painters to light their position on the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, ignoring the position of the Azerbaijani side, and this raises a deep concern in the Azerbaijani society.

Everyone should know that the Azerbaijani forces is carrying  out military operations against the Armenian occupation forces in the Azerbaijani lands, unlike what the Armenian authorities and army do, as the aim of all military operations of the Azerbaijani side is to restore the occupied lands without attacking the lands of others, as Armenia claims the lands of three of the four neighboring countries and Its people are keening against aggression with the peoples of these countries.

  1. September 2020

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