Armenian armed forces’ attack on Barda with cluster missiles led to several fatalities and injuries

The Armenian armed forces continue to grossly violate the agreement on a humanitarian ceasefire. On October 27, the enemy targeted civilian population of Azerbaijan's Barda district and fired banned cluster missiles to civilians.

As a result of cluster missile shelling of Garayusifli village of Barda district by Armenian armed forces at about 16:00, Jafarova Ofeliya Majid gizi, Ahmadova Aybaniz Ashraf gizi, Ismayilov Ehtiram Khalil oglu and Isgandarova Aysu Rovshan gizi, born in 2013, were killed and dozens of others were wounded.

Armenia blatantly violated 10 October Moscow joint statement, 18 October reaffirmed commitments by the mediation efforts of Paris and 24 October meeting in Washington and agreement on implementing the immediate humanitarian ceasefire. This is yet another demonstration of willful ignorance by Armenia of its commitments and open disrespect to tireless endeavors of international mediators.


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